Age Grade Codes of Practice: Are You In?

To support coaches and teachers working hard delivering the Age Grade game, we are delighted to launch the Age Grade Codes of Practice. These Codes of Practice ensure a focus on the wants and needs of every Age Grade player to maximise their enjoyment, personal development and lifelong engagement with rugby.

Click here to view the Age Grade Codes of Practice and say you’re ‘in’.

The Age Grade Codes of Practice, which replace previous guidance, provide support and guidance to coaches and teachers in:

  • Developing the whole player – to ensure holistic player development
  • Playing and training frequency – to address over and under playing and ensure a balanced rugby programme
  • Grouping of players – to ensure inclusivity and support individual player development
  • Playing out of age group – to enhance player development and confirm what is permitted in regulation
  • Out of season activity, camps and tours – clarifying regulation and requirements for camps and tours
  • Minimum standards for coaches and referees – detailing how coaches and referees can achieve best practice

Your support in promoting these codes and encouraging coaches and teachers commitment is key to ensuring they become adopted and commonplace in the game – benefiting players as a result.