International Tickets

International Ticket Allocation Policy

  • Only fully paid up members of Cheshire RFU can apply for tickets.
  • Each member is only entitled to apply for up to 2 tickets for each game, more tickets may be allocated if available.  If over subscribed there will be an allocation
  • Application forms will be sent by the Individual Member Secretary to all qualifying members once ticket allocations are announced.  Full details of ‘how to apply’ will be on the application form
  • There will be a non-refundable charge made by Cheshire RFU of £4.00/ticket which will be used for the development of Cheshire Rugby
  • Applicants agree to abide by the RFU regulations for International Tickets, particularly in relation to selling to other parties.

All applications to be sent to:
Mr B Davies
Lilac Cottage
Duck Lane
Chester CH3 8BN

Tel: 07770 596717
Email: daviesbw@aol.com

Notification of a successful ballot application will be sent by email.