To ensure the highest level of safeguarding in English rugby, and to support its numerous safeguarding volunteers, the RFU offers a range of safeguarding courses at clubs across the country. To view a schedule of all the designed for club officials (Managers, Coaches etc) ‘Play it Safe’ Courses and the ‘In Touch’ course designed for Club Welfare Officers Workshops that have been arranged so far this season, please visit the RFU’s safeguarding website (RUSAFE).

Application forms for existing courses, booking forms and contact details for the RFU’s safeguarding department are also available through the RUSAFE website, as is further information on how to get involved with the RFU’s safeguarding programme.

There is also a library of resources for volunteers involved in the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.


All Courses to be booked via RDO

Current available courses can be found via