Chairman Disciplinary East: Adrian Senn
Secretary (East): John Downham

Chairman Disciplinary West: Brian Treadwell
Secretary (West): Jordan Free

As outlined at the last County meeting I am grateful to all of those people who have had an input into this document including both Cheshire East & West Disciplinary Committees and to Rugby Football Union Disciplinary Manager, Bruce Reece-Russel. The intention is that individual clubs can tailor the document by inserting their own club name into the parts of the document that indicate club name. We feel that that Club Committee members together with those people who are likely to make up Club Disciplinary Panels should be aware of the RFU Rules & Regulations and whilst the document is not designed to replace these in any way, it is intended that it does provide an accessible document with some key elements together with areas that we believe constitute good practice. It would be helpful if this can be made available to all club members in an appropriate manner e.g. Club Website, Club Notice board etc.  It is hoped that those members can continue to enjoy every aspect of the game of Rugby Union Football whilst recognising that every club is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the standards of discipline within that club.

Colin Free
Chairman of Executive Committee
Cheshire RFU 

Cheshire RFU CLUB Discipline Policy Nov 2013 Revision (4) – .PDF

Cheshire RFU Draft CLUB Discipline Policy Nov 2013 Revision (4) – Word Doc

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Disciplinary East – Summary of Offences 2016/17


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Disciplinary West – Summary of Offences 2016-2017


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