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Cheshire 15 v Staffordshire 15th January 2017

Cheshire 15 group v Staffordshire at Longton R.F.C. (ST4 8GR) on Sunday Jan 15th

K.O. 2pm. Be at the ground for 1pm.

  • Boys must bring their white county shorts and socks – shirts will be provided.
  • Boys to wear polo shirts and tracksuits to the game. Collar and tie after the match.
  • Boys from St Ambrose and Sedbergh are being rested as they have both have an important NatWest match against each other.


15 Cameron Newton Sandbach School

14 Noah Cripps C.Hulme / Sale

13 Harry Benjamin St.Anselms / N.Brighton

12 Elliot Gourley M.G.S ./ A.K.(capt)

11 Max Kasteniemi Tarporley / Chester

10 Oliver Wynn B.Heber / Whitchurch

9 Sam Frank M.G.S. / Wilmslow

8 Ike McCormack Kings / Sandbach

7 Danny Haslett A.G.S. / Bowden

6 Cameron Mercer Wirral G.S. / Wirral

5 Cam. Ellam Lymm H.S. / Lymm

4 Oliver Casson C.Hulme /Wilmslow

3 Seb.Walker S.G.S. / Stockport

2 Will Barton B.Heber / Whitchurch

1 Joe Higgins Bridgewater / Warrington

16 Liam Conboy Weaverham / Sandbach

17 Thomas Greensmith C.Hulme / Wilmslow

18 Marcus Dailley   A.o Mersey / Sale

19 George McCann Birkenhead / Wirral

20 Ewan Hoskin B.Heber / Whitchurch

21 Ollie Leatherbarrow Kings / A.K                 23 Joe Flynn Fallibrome / Wilmslow

22 Oliver Quarby Lymm H.S. / Lymm             24 Adam Spence C.Grange

North of England U18’s

A big ‘Congratulations’ to the following boys selected for their selection to the North England U18’s squad

The Cheshire boys selected for North England Under 18’s squad and 3  more on the reserve list:

Alexander Burrage
Callum Morris
Timothy Phillips
Simon Ridgway
George Spalding
William Titherington
Thomas Travis
Declan Yoxall

Reserve (non-travelling) players

Rory Canham
Alexander Jones
Gregory Warren

Cheshire 15 v Lancashire Tuesday Jan 3rd at Burnage RFC

B game KO 12 noon – boys need to be at the club for 11am.

A game KO 2pm – boys need to be at the club for 12 noon.

  • Boys must bring their white county shorts and socks – shirts will be provided.
  • Boys to wear polo shirts and tracksuits to the game.
  • Food will be served after the match and county ties will be presented at that time – boys must wear collar and tie – no trainers or jeans for this session.

A and B squads are as follows:-

A Squad

15 Oliver Quarby Lymm/Lymm
14 Noel Cripps   C.Hulme/ Sale
13 Conor Quah St.Ambrose
12 Elliot Gourley M.G.S./ A.K.(capt)
11 Elliot Simcock Leftwich/ Sandbach
10 Oliver Wynn B.Heber/ Whitchurch
9 Ewan Hoskin B.Heber/ Whitchurch
8 John Bailey St.Ambrose/ A.Kersal
7 Ollie Leatherbarrow   Kings/ A.Kersal
6 Cameron Mercer Wirral G.S./ Wirral
5 Cam. Ellam Lymm H.S./ Lymm
4 Oliver Casson C.Hulme/Wilmslow
3 Seb.Walker S.G.S./ Stockport
2 Oliver Higson St.Ambrose/ A.Kersal
1 Joe Higgins Bridgewater/ Warrington
16 Liam Conboy Weaverham/ Sandbach
17 Thomas Greensmith C.Hulme/Wilmslow
18 Patrick Brooks- Maher St Amb/ A.K.
19 George McCann Birkenhead/ Wirral
20 Murray Redpath Sedbergh/ Lymm
21 Harry Benjamin St.Anselms/   N.Brighton
22 Abe Scragg B.Heber/ Whitchurch
23 Harry Shiel Sedbergh/Lymm

B squad

15 Adam Spence Caldy C.G.S./ Waterloo
14 Ted Williams A.G.S./ Bowden
13 Harvey Culverhouse   Helsby/ Chester
12 Louis Thomas Bramhall/ Stockport
11 Max Kasteniemi   Tarporley/ Chester
10 Sam Frank M.G.S./ Wilmslow
9 Archie Manger Wirral G.S./ Wirral
8 Geoff Kelly Caldy C.G.S./ N.Brighton
7 Danny Haslett A.G.S./ Bowden
6 Oliver Dixon B.Heber/ Whitchurch.
5 Luca Longman S.J. Plessington/Wirral
4 Will Megson   C.Hulme/ Sale (capt)
3 Fraser Shaw C.Hulme/ Sale
2 Will Barton B.Heber/Chester
1 Owain Brooks C.H.S./ Chester
16 Kieron McGeever Weaverham/ Northwich
17 Joe Flynn Fallibrome/Wilmslow
18 Cameron Newton Sandbach School
19 Josh Durkin St.Ambrose
20 Ben Lyon St.Anselms/ N.Brighton
21 Joe White C.Hulme/Wilmslow

Cheshire 15 v Yorkshire Team sheets Sun 18/12/16

Please click here for the Team sheets:-




Cheshire U15’s reflection sheet 2016


Please return the completed sheet Mr Hugo Corbett by email within 48hrs of the session.

Save the file with your own name before you email it back to Mr Corbett

Under 16’ Selection 2016-2017

I should like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to all of the players and parents for the support and attendance at the game assessment evenings this season. As you can all imagine the selectors have had a most difficult task, bearing in mind the constraints placed upon them in terms of the time span allotted to them by the RFU to conduct this exercise and especially giving every nominee enough game time to show their talents. Decisions must be made under such conditions and therefore I wish to notify you that the players listed below have been selected for Cheshire Under 16’s. Please note that all players listed below must attend the first training session. The training sessions will be posted on the Cheshire website as soon as we have confirmation of the selected venues.

Please click on the link below for all details of players selected to play for Cheshire U16’s:-