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Cheshire RFU Diversity Inclusion policy April 2021

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RFU Diversity and Inclusion Group formed (April 21)

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RFU Diversity and Inclusion group

RFU Transgender Policy Proposal – External Consultation (April 21)
The RFU is conducting a review of its transgender policy which sets out the eligibility criteria for playing contact rugby union in England.
As part of the review process, the external consultation for the proposed policy is now open. The consultation period will run until 5pm on Friday 16 April and we welcome your feedback.
We encourage anyone who wishes to engage in the external consultation to read the proposed policy in full and watch the video before completing the survey.
You can find all of this information, including the survey link and background video, via the button below.

Transgender policy

As the national governing body for rugby union in England, it is the responsibility of the RFU to regulate participation in order to promote the safe and equitable treatment of all taking part.
Rugby Union is a sport for all and the RFU seeks to promote equal opportunities to ensure that anyone who wishes to play the game should be able to do so without prejudice. It’s important to consider the individuals involved and the sense of community and acceptance that our transgender players tell us rugby provides for them.
As a contact sport, player welfare is paramount and the proposed policy seeks to strike a balance between inclusion, fairness and safe participation.

Further Information

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