Cheshire U16’s Versus Yorkshire U16’s – 6th January 2019

The County under 16’s season open with a home fixture against Yorkshire.  The game was hosted by Burnage RFC, because of the availability of the all-weather pitch facility which ensured that the game would be played.

The games this season took on a slightly different format.  Instead of each County fielding an “A” team and a “B” team it was agreed that we would follow the RFU directive in keeping with player development by blending SDG players with DPP players.  This resulted in two very good and very even matched games where either team could have won.  Both teams played in a good spirit and thanks to good referee control and a receptive crowd these factors made it a most enjoyable day.  Players from each team gave their best and there was some excellent play as well as some outstanding individual players from both teams.  Both Counties selected two equal teams and adhered to the half-game rule, where every player played at least half a game,

The result of the first game, which kicked off at 12.30pm, was Cheshire Whites 12pts, Yorkshire Whites 8pts.  The scorers for Cheshire were Cyrus.Kerfoot and Charlie Hughes one try each, and Ewan Holt one conversion.

The result of the second game, which kicked off at 2.00pm, was Cheshire Blues 14pts, Yorkshire Blues 24pts.  The scorers for Cheshire were Alex Davies and Oscar Pinder,

One try each and Will Robinson with two conversions.  In this game Yorkshire were the more organized outfit and took a 17pts to 7pts lead, but the determination of Cheshire Blues brought them back to a 3pts deficit, 17pts to 14pts to Yorkshires Blues.  However, Cheshire Blues succumbed to Yorkshire Blues last minute pressure. The final score 14ts to 24pts in Yorkshire Blues favour.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Burnage RFC for hosting the game and their hospitality.  Many thanks to all the officials for giving their time and also I should like to thank all parents for their undivided support that they give to their sons in giving them the opportunity to experience this level of rugby in such an important academic year.

As always I would like to extend a special thanks to the Cheshire under 16’s coaches, Dave Connolly, Ryan Acton, Callum Yorke, and Nathan Swarbrick and to our Physio, Chris Wood for giving their time so willingly.  I know the players appreciate the time, effort and advice that they receive from them.  Also a special thanks goes to Bob Davies for his undivided support and dedication to the game.

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Brendan Bailey.

Cheshire U16’s