DBS Checks

All adults who have regular supervisory contact with young people must undertake DBS disclosure through the RFU within Four Weeks of their appointment to a position which involves regular supervisory contact with young people. The RFU does not accept DBS’s obtained through third parties, e.g. schools, local authorities or other sports governing bodies. All staff and volunteers must renew their RFU DBS disclosure every 3 years

To qualify for an Enhanced DBS check, the employment or position must be classed as a Regulated Activity. Within a rugby setting, the position must meet the following criteria in order to be deemed Regulated Activity –

“Any activity which involves contact with children or vulnerable adults and is of a specified nature (e.g. teaching, training, care, supervision, advice, treatment or transport) frequently, intensively and/or overnight.”

These are positions whose normal duties include caring for, training, supervising, or being in sole charge of those under 18 years of age. Plus those whose normal duties include supervising or managing an individual in his/her work in a position described above.

This has been interpreted that the following positions within an amateur Club maybe included:

• Coaches/Assistant coaches at all levels.

• First Aiders.

• Junior Committee members.

• Team managers.

• Safeguarding Officers.

• Physiotherapists.

• Any other voluntary or paid role which meets the above criteria.

This list is not exhaustive – if in doubt seek the advice of your CB Safeguarding Manager.

DBS Applications:-

There are two ways to apply for an RFU DBS check:

1. Using the RFU’s online DBS e-Application system

2. 2. On a paper application sent to the RFU

PLEASE NOTE: DBS Application Forms are available from the RFU ONLY. Each form is individually referenced and cannot, therefore, be provided on-line. Your Club Safeguarding Officer will normally have a quantity of these forms. For additional copies please contact the RFU.

Completed DBS Application Forms should be accompanied by a “Request for Disclosure Check” (completed by your Safeguarding Officer). The document before forwarding to the RFU.

Full details of these two application systems can be found on the RUSafe website, www.rfu.com/DBSprocess or by contacting the Safeguarding Team.