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CHESHIRE U16’S NOMINATION FORM 2016-2017-Updated 12.09.16

U16 trial 2016

We are inviting you to nominate players from your club/school that you consider to be of the required standard to represent Cheshire at 16 Group Level for season 2016-17.

This procedure is starting later than in previous years due to the fact that the County fixtures will now be held in January and February 2017.

Boys who were members of the Cheshire East, Central or West District squads at U15 level last season(2015-16) need not be nominated, their names should already be on record. However you may have to inform us if there has been a change in the player’s details.

They will be invited to attend a Development/Trial session on Fri 28 Oct at Wirral RFC(details at a later date via the Cheshire Rugby web site). On the basis of performance at this session boys may be invited to join the Cheshire U16 Squad.

It is hoped that boys may also be seen playing for School and or Club.

If you feel that you still have boys of the required standard for County U16 rugby who were not included in the Cheshire County and District Representative sides at U15 last season please nominate these to attend a trial at Wilmslow. H.S. on Mon 17 Oct 4.30 for a 5.00pm start.

A nomination form is attached with this letter. If any boys show the potential to be County players they will be invited to join the Cheshire U16 Squad for season 2016-17.

Nominations should reach me by Fri 30 Sept. Please not that players who turn up on the day for whom no nomination form has been received by the due date will not be allowed to trial.

All the information will be on the Cheshire web site so clubs and schools may not be contacted directly about the arrangements. Selected players to the Cheshire U16 Squad will be informed via the Cheshire rugby web site. This will also contain information regarding squad sessions and County fixtures.


Contact details

Mr. B. Bailey. 1 Donne Av. Spittal. Bebington. Wirral. CH63 9YH.

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Following the recent Age Grade Rugby Update sent earlier in the month, I am pleased to outline progress as we reach the “5 weeks to go” point before the start of the 2016-17 season.  Please continue to pass on the information to colleagues and parents in your clubs, schools and colleges to help everyone prepare for kick off in September.

 Regulation 15, including Rules of Play

The confirmed Rules of Play for each age group have been completed and are attached. These rules, along with the Age Grade regulations for 2016-17, will go live on on 1st August along with other documents to support the delivery of Age Grade Rugby.  Please share these rules, along with the previously circulated Regulation 15 and guidance information, with people across your club, school and/or college.

These Rules of Play, in which the XV-a-side game starts at U14, are the stated maximums that players can progress in that year, and it’s important that coaches and teachers ensure that players have the ability, competence and confidence before progressing.

Age Grade Rugby Brochure

An updated version, following a minor edit, of the brochure is attached and should replace any previous versions.  A printed batch of these have been sent to Honorary Secretaries in clubs along with Teachers in Charge of rugby in schools and colleges across the country for them to share with coaches, staff and parents ahead of the new season.  The document includes confirmation of all the Rules of Play and competitive menu and helpful information to keep our player’s safety at the front of everyone’s minds.

Line out at U14-U16

The line out changes at U14-U16 are confirmed and can be observed in the Age Grade Brochure and Regulation 15. Further information about these changes will follow in the coming weeks and these changes will be supplemented by a specific line out CPD and supporting video resources.

In the lead up to the start of the season we will be ensuring, via direct mail and social media, that these changes are communicated to all involved in the delivery of Age Grade Rugby.  These changes, based on the principals of ”Player Centred, Development Driven and Competition Supported” should be considered by coaches and teachers within all their training sessions and games.   These changes follow robust research and consultation within the game starting in 2011 and  their impact will be reviewed annually.

As ever, further information can be found at and if you have any specific questions on Age Grade Rugby please do contact us on  Please remember to pass on this information so that everyone is informed and ready to enjoy another great season in 2016-17.

RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 9 U15-U18 Boys 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 8 U14 Boys 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 11 U15 U18 Girls 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 10 U13 Girls 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 7 U13 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 6 U12 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 1 U7 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 2 U8 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 3 U9 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 4 U10 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 5 U11 2016-2017


Mark Saltmarsh | Head of Education Development | Rugby Football Union


RFU launches player safety programme.
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RugbySafe photp

RFU launches RugbySafe

Age Grade Competition Review May 2015

12th May 2015

Age Grade Competition Review

The RFU Council meeting of 17th April agreed key actions to drive implementation of the Age Grade Competition Review (AGCR) from September 2016.

The AGCR Implementation Action Plan, which also includes a new strategic direction for Under 16 representative rugby, has foundations based on the firm principles that the game must be “player-centred, development-driven and competition-supported”, in that order.  This ensures that the motivations and welfare of all players, no matter their experience or ability, are the cornerstone of the game they play week in week out.

The plan includes, from the 2016-17 season, consistent age bandings and incremental player progressions for all Age Grade Rugby; a nationally consistent playing menu and calendar that increases inclusivity, clarifies player priorities and dovetails club, school, college competitions; an integrated England Rugby Player Development pathway and representative framework and training and Continuous Professional Development for coaches, referees, parents, teachers and others.  It will support and work with counties, clubs, schools and colleges over the next 16 months to make the changes.

Implications requiring some change for those organising, delivering and playing rugby at Under 18 and below include:

Playing Framework

  • Mixed contact rugby finishes after U11
  • U13 dual age band for girls does not include U11s
  • 15 a side rugby starts at U14
  • U13 New Rules are implemented nationally in 2016-17
  • Lineout introduction is delayed to U14

Competitive Diet and Season

  • A nationally-defined consistent menu of national and county competitions per age group
  • No formal league rugby before U15
  • Competitive festivals before U12, not competitions/tournaments that find overall winners
  • Competitions and representative rugby at all levels (local to CB to national) to be played in specific, nationally-consistent season windows

Representative Pathway

  • Formation of Regional Player Pathway Groups to drive the programme
  • Divisional representative level replaced by regional programme matched with the 14 Regional Academies at U16 (implementation of this point from 2015/16 season)
  • No representative rugby before U15
  • No district programmes at U16

The significant changes to the England Rugby player pathway in this third section will result in development opportunities extended to 250 more English players each year (with a residential festival involving 14 Regional Academy sides) and a single clear pathway from 2016/17. A strategic review of the U16s programme studied the AGCR’s work, the RFU Talent Symposium’s findings and best practice from other nations.  The Review Group recommended broad numbers accessing talent development opportunities, less layers of representative rugby, improved pathway clarity, more development, less selection and age appropriate competition.

Implementation will be carried out in two stages and be managed locally by the newly-formed Regional Player Pathway Groups to ensure implementation best overcomes local challenges.  Key stakeholders from across the Academy Region have a critical role to schedule development activities and manage player programmes to ensure they are mutually supporting and not conflicting.

Please Note: The full Under 16 Pathway Strategic Review is available here. The file is from a trustworthy source and opens as a pdf document.

150508 NROP and Player Progression Pathway 2015-16

Between May and September 2015, an information and awareness campaign will share the plan detail to ensure that everyone involved in Age Grade rugby union knows how the game will look from September 2016 onwards.  Regular updates on, in Touchline and other game communications will be key to keeping everyone informed.

A series of resources, events and support programmes will continue through to and beyond the start of the 2016-17 season.  The RFU is committed to helping the game to make the changes and to be ready for kick-off in 16 months’ time.

For more detail about the AGCR Implementation Action Plan, its back story and the rollout please go to or contact

New Rules of Play – from September 2015

A key element of the AGCR is the player progression pathway from Under 7 through to 15-a-side rugby.  Relating to this, the RFU Council also agreed the rules and regulations for the 2015-16 season in April 2015.  Under 11 New Rules of Play come into effect nationally from September.

In early 2015, the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS), of which the vast majority of rugby-playing prep schools are members, adopted the New Rules of Play up to Under 11 for 2015-16 and at Under 12 & 13 from September 2016.  IAPS and the club game are therefore aligned

The attached table shows a summary for each age group of the game format for next season, including the discretionary age group of Under 12 and the ongoing pilots at Under 13 and 14 for information.  The full rules themselves will be uploaded onto by the end of May 2015 latest.

For more information about the New Rules of Play please contact

Monthly “Rugby Shorts” – Positive Stories from Across the Game

Please find attached the latest “Rugby Shorts” which highlights just a few of the many positive stories from across the Game.

Rugby Shorts – Apr 2015