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Cheshire U15’s reflection sheet 2016


Please return the completed sheet Mr Hugo Corbett by email within 48hrs of the session.

Save the file with your own name before you email it back to Mr Corbett

Cheshire 15 group 2016/17 squad.

 Information listed – squad, matches, training sessions, kit and registration form. 



The following have been chosen to represent the county at A and B levels in games against:-

  • Yorkshire A and B at Burnage RFC on Sunday December 18th KO to be confirmed.
  • Lancashire A and B on Tuesday January 3rd – away – venue and KO to be confirmed.
  • Staffordshire A on Sunday January 15th – away -venue and KO to be confirmed.


More players will be added to this list at a later date.

15 Oliver Quarby   Lymm H.S.    Cameron Newton Sandbach School

11/14 Noah Crispp C.Hulme /Sale Josh Durkin St.Ambrose. Ted Williams A.G.S./ Bowden Elliot Sincock Leftwich/ Sandbach Max Kasterniemi Tarporley/ Chester

12/13 Elliot Gouray M.G.S/ Alt.Kersal. Connor Quay St.Ambrose. Louis Thomas Bramhall/ Stockport. Adam Spence Caldy Grange. Harry Benjamin N.Brighton. Harvey Culverson Chester

10 Oliver Wynn B.Heber. Harry Shiel Sedbergh/ Lymm. Joe White C.Hulme/ Wilmslow

9 Ewan Hoskin B.Heber. Murray Redpath Sedbergh/Lymm. Sam Frank M.G.S. Archie Manger Wirral G.S./ Wirral

8 John Bailey St.Ambrose/ Alt Kersal. Geoff Kelly C.Grange/Caldy. George McCann Birkenhead School/ Wirral

7 Cameron Mercer W.G.S./Wirral. Ollie Leatherbarrow Kings/Alt.Kersal. Abe Sragg B.Heber

6 Oliver Dixon B.Heber. Luca Longman S.J.Plessington/ Wirral. Ike McCormack Kings/Sandbach

4/5 Oliver Casson C.Hulme/Wilmslow. Patrick Brooks-Maher St.Ambrose. Will Megson C.Hulme/Sale   Cameron Ellam Lymm/ Lymm.   Ben Lyon St Anselms/ N.B. Danny Haslett A.G.S. /Bowden

1/3 James Kelly Caldy/N.Brighton. William Moore Kings/Chester. Liam Conboy Weaverham/W.Park. Alistair Merrill St.Ambrose. Kieron McKeever Weaverham/ W.Park. Owain Brookes C.High School/Chester. Jo Higgins Bridgewater/Warr. Fraser Shaw C.Hulme.

2 Oliver Higson St.Ambrose/Alt.Kersal. Will Barton B.Heber/Chester. Joe Flynn Fallibrome/ Macc Thomas Greensmith C.Hulme.

Training sessions

All to be held at St Ambrose College – WA15 0HE 5.15 -7pm. Come changed.

Monday 21st November, Monday 28th November, Monday 12th December.


The list is on the Cheshire web site. You need to purchase Cheshire tracksuit, shorts and polo shirt.

U15,s Assessment 2

Players who go through from assessment 1 to assessment 2

Oliver Quarby 15               James Backhouse 12

Louis Thomas 13               Harvey Culverhouse 11

Connor Quay 12                Josh Wyatt 10

Nonza Agina 11                 Jake Edge-Spedding 7

Harvey Brown 9                Will Megson 5

Patrick Brookes-Maher 5    Will Barton 2

Oliver Casson 4                 Cameron Newton 15

Alistair Merrill 3                 Josh Durkin 14

Ben Davies 2                    John Bailey 8

Owain Brooks 1                 Louis Simms 6

Ben Chalk 9                      James Cope 3

Oliver Higson 2                 Edward Wheeler 1

William Moore 1               Joe Walton 11

Kieron McGeever 1

Ned Atkinson 12


Assessment 2 is on Wednesday October 26th 12pm-4pm at Sale Sharks, Carrington. The teams will be posted on the Sale Sharks web site.

Any problems please contact me.

Brian David

Cheshire U15 – Assessment 1

Wednesday October 19th at Stockport G.S.
Be there for a 4.30pm start.

Print Version – assessment-day

15.Mario Lavorini St.Amb.
14.Yasim Choudhury A.G.S./Adam Croft E.P.
13.James Fletcher E.P.
12.James Backhouse St.Amb.
11.Harvey Culverhouse Ch.
10.Josh Wyatt K/Macc
9. Reeve Davis W/W.
8.Matt.Kendal. St.Amb.
7.Jake Edge-Spedding S/S
6.Ted Banford W.G.S.
5.Will Megson C.H./St.
4.Josh Hood Sale/B./Jacob Vestiguard C.G.
3.Oliver Morgan-Edwards H.C./S
2.Will Barton B.H./C
2.Harry Cheetham M.G.S./W
1.Frazer Shaw C.H./St

15.Cameron Newton S/ Will Morris W.G.S
14.Josh Durkin St.Amb./ Will Lawrence Birk.
13.Jamie Johnson S/S/ Tom Kennedy N.B.
12.Rob Marsden W
11.Morgan Slinger S.Nics/S/ Joe Walton N.B.
10.John Wardle A.G.S.
9.Alex Gregory W/W.P.
8.John Bailey St Amb.
7.Adam Binner S/S./ Callum Roberts
6.Louis Simms M.G.S/Marple
5.Sam Harkin St.Amb.
4.Luke Turner Well/ B./Pantilas Stylinios St.
3.James Cope W/W/ Kellen C-Smith St.Amb
2.James Burns A.G.S./ Thomas Greensmith C.H
1.Edward Wheeler A.G.S.

15.Oliver Quarby L/Jack Rigby Br
14.Jack Bradburn   A.G.S/B
13.Louis Thomas Bram/St.
12.Connar Quay St.Amb.
11.Nonza Agina L/L
10.Callum Lovett W/W
9.Harvey Brown Br
8.Lewis Wardle St.Amb
7.James Reid L/W.P. /Joe Dunne St A
6.Hammad Sharif M.G.S.
5.Matthew Hawkrigg S/S/ Patrick Brookes-Maher St.Amb
4.Oliver Casson C.H./W
3.Austin Merrill St A/A.K.
2.Jack Breheny   B/ Ben Davies S
1.Owain Brooks Ch.

15.William Ridgeway   K/Macc./ Oliver Maxey C.H.
14.Tom Baker K/Macc/Tal Metananga A.G.S.
13.Luca Simmons CR/SN
12.Harvie Peters E.P.
11.Chris Owen Kn/L
10.Drew Woolfenden Kn/L
9.Ben Chalk C.H./W
8.Django Kinley C.R./D
7.Scott Massey Br./Warr.
6.John Bolton St. Amb. / Harvey McGregor N.B.
5.Rory Hannah Fall/M
4.Harry Mullins W/W.P. /Thomas Barlow C.H.
3.Marcus Dalley A.O.M.
2.Oliver Higson St Amb/A.K.
1.William Moore K/Ch.


Brian David


U15’s Nominations 2016/17

Nomination form

We are inviting you to nominate players from your club/school that you consider to be of the required standard to represent Cheshire 15 group at A and B levels. Boys who are already members of the DPP district groups for east, central and west Cheshire do not need to be nominated. They are invited to attend a Sale Sharks festival at Carrington on Wednesday October 26th and the invitation for this will be published at a later date on the Cheshire web site. At Carrington on that day the boys will be assessed for membership of the Sale Sharks 15 group training group and for selection for Cheshire A and B.

If you feel that you still have boys of the required Cheshire standard and they have not been selected for the DPP then please nominate these boys and they will attend a trial at Stockport Grammar School on Wednesday October 19th 4.30pm for 5pm start. The nomination form is attached with this letter. If any boys show the potential to be county players they will be invited to join the Carrington festival and play against the DPP district teams for Sale and Cheshire selection.

Nominations should reach me by Friday September 29th. Please note that players who turn up on that day for whom no nomination form has been received by the due date will not be allowed to trial.

All the information for the trials will be on the Cheshire web site so clubs and schools will not be contacted directly about the arrangements. After the festival the selected players will be named on the Cheshire web site.

Brian David
Cheshire 15 group



Following the recent Age Grade Rugby Update sent earlier in the month, I am pleased to outline progress as we reach the “5 weeks to go” point before the start of the 2016-17 season.  Please continue to pass on the information to colleagues and parents in your clubs, schools and colleges to help everyone prepare for kick off in September.

 Regulation 15, including Rules of Play

The confirmed Rules of Play for each age group have been completed and are attached. These rules, along with the Age Grade regulations for 2016-17, will go live on on 1st August along with other documents to support the delivery of Age Grade Rugby.  Please share these rules, along with the previously circulated Regulation 15 and guidance information, with people across your club, school and/or college.

These Rules of Play, in which the XV-a-side game starts at U14, are the stated maximums that players can progress in that year, and it’s important that coaches and teachers ensure that players have the ability, competence and confidence before progressing.

Age Grade Rugby Brochure

An updated version, following a minor edit, of the brochure is attached and should replace any previous versions.  A printed batch of these have been sent to Honorary Secretaries in clubs along with Teachers in Charge of rugby in schools and colleges across the country for them to share with coaches, staff and parents ahead of the new season.  The document includes confirmation of all the Rules of Play and competitive menu and helpful information to keep our player’s safety at the front of everyone’s minds.

Line out at U14-U16

The line out changes at U14-U16 are confirmed and can be observed in the Age Grade Brochure and Regulation 15. Further information about these changes will follow in the coming weeks and these changes will be supplemented by a specific line out CPD and supporting video resources.

In the lead up to the start of the season we will be ensuring, via direct mail and social media, that these changes are communicated to all involved in the delivery of Age Grade Rugby.  These changes, based on the principals of ”Player Centred, Development Driven and Competition Supported” should be considered by coaches and teachers within all their training sessions and games.   These changes follow robust research and consultation within the game starting in 2011 and  their impact will be reviewed annually.

As ever, further information can be found at and if you have any specific questions on Age Grade Rugby please do contact us on  Please remember to pass on this information so that everyone is informed and ready to enjoy another great season in 2016-17.

RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 9 U15-U18 Boys 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 8 U14 Boys 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 11 U15 U18 Girls 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 10 U13 Girls 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 7 U13 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 6 U12 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 1 U7 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 2 U8 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 3 U9 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 4 U10 2016-2017
RFU Regulation 15 Appendix 5 U11 2016-2017


Mark Saltmarsh | Head of Education Development | Rugby Football Union