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Cheshire U20’s 41 Lancs 7 @ Lymm RUFC 19/3/17

Cheshire  in only their 2nd outing of this year’s National competition, whilst missing some players called on the depth of their focused determined squad to successfully dominate  this vital group stage game. They not only achieved their primary team objective  in gaining promotion within 15 minute of K.O , but also  now qualify for the ¼ final fixture  that will  now occur in 2 weeks time (detail  / venue etc to follow once confirmed .. although it will be a Home / Cheshire venue)  

Lancashire presented a strong team, even with their omissions, they were both physical and man for man bigger than their hosts. However it was The Cestrian forwards who put down the mark to exercise full control of this game. In 80 minutes Lancs only had half a dozen forays into the Cheshire half, some forced errors and lapse in  Cheshire defence on one such excursion resulted in the only converted score in Lancs favour.  

The Cheshire Skippers persuasive words of ‘advice’ to his team at this juncture alongside those of the coaches ensured full control of the remaining phases occurred to swiftly put it out of reach from the visitors. The Lancashire Scrum went backwards, and with the exception of one lost line out, this also was subject to full Cheshire control

The result was control of the game, timely release of the backs netting 7 tries, including one from the Cheshire Skipper leading the charge ! With the trimmings this resulted in 41 points credit to the hosts . The vast majority of the game being played in opposition territory. Unfortunately Cheshire did leave 18 points on the pitch and the performance review has commenced as they strive for further improvement.

By way of the results within this group it is possible that Cheshire can meet Lancs again at the Semi final stage. No doubt it will be a different Lancs team who turn up to play on that day!The game was played in the true spirit of our fine game, a genuine sporting rivalry on the pitch, a friendly chat and a beer in the bar afterwards. Just like it should be!!  So we look forward to our next encounter!

After the game Coach Finnemore stated “The lads have got a great work ethos and team spirit , in the short time  we have been together  they have developed as a unit, they were set some ‘goals’ and I am not surprised they have exceeded  expectation as they are all committed to this team”

Manager Ian Stanton reflected these sentiments adding “Our first objective was promotion that done …this team will decide how far it can now go in this year’s competition… they have gelled and it’s great to see them perform but they are not yet at their best”

A number of thanks must be made, firstly to the Cheshire squad players who have trained and didn’t make selection; they are still ’squad’ and remain an integral part of this team. Lymm RUFC for its hospitality, and all the travelling Cheshire parents / supporters who gave significant encouragement from the touch lines!

Nick Jones

Cheshire U20’s v Staffordshire Match report

Staffs U20 –  ( 5 )     v      Cheshire U20 – ( 31 )

There is a myth in the round-ball game that the adjacent Stoke stadium is ‘notorious’ for its uncompromising, cold, wet and windy conditions. That same myth is now clearly confirmed by players (&spectators alike) of the more honourable game at Longton RUFC on Sunday 26/2/17, that was evidenced to produce constant swirling cold wind, and rain showers in exposed conditions to influence Cheshire’s first outing in this year’s National competiton.

By way of compensation, the warm hospitality by the Staffs RFU and Longton club readily welcomed their Cheshire counterparts in what was to prove a game played on a well prepared pitch, but in somewhat difficult conditions controlled by ‘Mother Nature’.

The young Cestrian’s however, after an initial period of adjustment, demonstrated their mettle, and set out their stall in executing the attack. After prolonged phases of play they remained camped within the Staffs half for all but a brief period of the game, the Hosts only breaching the defence on one foray. With a superb Four try display, with the ‘Trimmings’ (penalties / conversions) the final score of 5-31, had not only provided spectators with a quality rugby demonstration from two focussed and capable teams, but also displayed some noteworthy individual performances.

The Cheshire forwards dominated play, and made a timely release of their backs to challenge the mobile Staffs back line and fly half, who could not cope with the onslaught before them. There were still however mistakes and this young Cheshire team have already started to address those issues. In their first outing for this year’s National competition they gave good account, of themselves, their clubs and the County, but are now focused on the Lancashire fixture to be played at Lymm Rugby club on 19/3/17

Manager Ian Stanton said after the game, “After the initial shakedown the guys got into their stride and put their control over this game. We will work on the errors, but today the team worked well under pressure in somewhat difficult conditions”

Nick Jones

Cheshire U20’sCurrent Fixtures and training Days 2016/17

Fri 11th Nov 16 – 1900hr to 2100hr         @ Burnage RUFC

Fri 18th Nov 16 – 1915hr to 2100hr         @ Burnage RUFC

Fri 25th Nov 16 – 1915hr to 2100hr         @ Burnage RUFC

Fri   2nd Dec 16 – 1915hr to 2100hr         @ Burnage RUFC

Sun 4th Dec 16   – Details TBC     TBC; AWAY – PRACTICE GAME   v NORTH MIDLANDS

Fri 13th Jan 17 –   1915hr to 2100hr          @ Burnage RUFC

Sun 15th Jan 17 –   Details TBC    TBC; AWAY – PRACTICE GAME       v GLOUCESTER

Fri 20th Jan 17 –   1915hr to 2100hr          NB … Change of Venue TBC

Fri 27th Jan 17 –   1915hr to 2100hr          NB … Change of Venue TBC

Fri   3rd Feb17 –   1915hr to 2100hr           @ Burnage RUFC

Fri 10th Feb17 –   1915hr to 2100hr          @ Burnage RUFC

Fri 17th Feb17 –   1915hr to 2100hr          @ Burnage RUFC

Fri 24th Feb17 –   1915hr to 2100hr          @ Burnage RUFC

Sun 15th Jan 17 –   Details TBC    TBC;  AWAY – GAME      v STAFFORDSHIRE

Fri   3rd Mar 17 –   1915hr to 2100hr        @ Burnage RUFC

Fri 10th Mar 17 –   1915hr to 2100hr        @ Burnage RUFC

Fri 17th Mar 17 –   1915hr to 2100hr        @ Burnage RUFC

Sun 19th Mar 17 –   Details TBC          TBC;   HOME GAME        v   LANCASHIRE