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Cheshire U15’s Girls Team v Doncaster 30/10/2016

U15’s Girls Team to play Doncaster

1             Lola Gorrod

2             Zoe O’Malley

3             Fay Clayton

4             Bridie Tennant

5             Maya Toft

6             Beth Ironmonger

7             Theo Townsend

8             Daisy Hibbert-Jones

9             Jess Kershaw

10           Abi Kershaw

11           Ellie Smallwood

12           Chloe Sopp

13           Catrin Jones

14           Charlotte Bradley

15           Emily Beath


16           Mollie Clayton

17           Josie Bailey

18           Hattie Leslie-Miller

19           Lily Phillips

20           Erin Abbott

Cheshire U18’s Girls Team v Doncaster 30/10/2016

U18’s team to play Doncaster

  1. Caitlin Knight 2. Scarlett Fielding 3. Erin Smith 4. Beth Cooper
    5. Christine Lawson 6. Paige Bowyer 7. Edurne Arantxa 8. Kirsty Barker
    9. Emily Ford 10. Niamh White 11. Holly Lonsdale 12. Charlotte Murphy
    13. Nicole Bell 14. Louisa Smith 15. Emma Chamberlain
    Subs: 16. Beth Smith 17. Charlotte Blakeborough 18. Emma Brotherton 19. Maddie Woodworth 20. Ellie Jardine

U16’s Results from Monday 17th Oct Assessment

St Ambrose College, Monday 17 October 2016 


I should like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to all 60 players who turned up for the games assessment evening at the above venue. As you can all imagine the task of giving every nominee enough game time to show their skills, techniques and talent to say the least is extremely difficult. Decisions must be made under such conditions and therefore I wish to notify you that the players listed below are being invited back to the next sessions.

The following players are invited to attend the session at New Brighton Rugby Club on Friday 28th October, they are:- Matthew Cucchi, Sam Dickenson, Sean Hughes, Alexander Irwin, Jack Jones, Joe Morrow, Ethan Yates.

The following players are invited to attend the session at St.Ambrose College on Monday 31st October, they are:- Adil Athar, Edward Deathridge, Adam Downie, Frederick Dzisiewski, Cormac Grieves, Aaron Hutchings, James Oliver, Matthew Ratcliffe, Louis Stubbs, Branden Turner, Sam Walsh.

Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible to, Brendan Bailey on:- or text/call on:- 07982-255-742.

U15,s Assessment 2

Players who go through from assessment 1 to assessment 2

Oliver Quarby 15               James Backhouse 12

Louis Thomas 13               Harvey Culverhouse 11

Connor Quay 12                Josh Wyatt 10

Nonza Agina 11                 Jake Edge-Spedding 7

Harvey Brown 9                Will Megson 5

Patrick Brookes-Maher 5    Will Barton 2

Oliver Casson 4                 Cameron Newton 15

Alistair Merrill 3                 Josh Durkin 14

Ben Davies 2                    John Bailey 8

Owain Brooks 1                 Louis Simms 6

Ben Chalk 9                      James Cope 3

Oliver Higson 2                 Edward Wheeler 1

William Moore 1               Joe Walton 11

Kieron McGeever 1

Ned Atkinson 12


Assessment 2 is on Wednesday October 26th 12pm-4pm at Sale Sharks, Carrington. The teams will be posted on the Sale Sharks web site.

Any problems please contact me.

Brian David


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