Congratulations to the following Cheshire clubs on their successful PFR (Cheshire RFU Annual Strategic Plan) bids in “ Growing the Game” during the first half of the season.

U23’s returners
Chester RUFC £400
– the club have run 3 games for retuning students in September and at Xmas.
Wilmslow RUFC £250 – annual boxing day game for retuning students, 50 players returning! –
Helsby RUFC £200 – The club targeted their ex-colts through a memorial game leading to 5 players being re-recruited.

Club recruitment
Stockport RUFC £250 –
‘One club day’ encouraged all sections of the club to come together and also invited lapsed players down in an attempt to recruit them (poster attached).
Congleton £250 – Pie and Peas evening at the club, inviting all lapsed players from the last 5 years – club re-recruited several players allowing them to sustain the 3rd team and vets.
Moore £250 – The club ran a month of touch rugby in the local park to try and attract new players, this coincided with a facebook campaign paid for by the funding
Helsby £250 – Family touch rugby throughout summer – Monies pay for marketing and food/beers to incentivise new players
Christleton £250 – Boosted facebook campaign to recruit new players

Helsby £200 –
Boosted facebook campaign to recruit new players
Holmes Chapel – Boosted facebook campaign to recruit new players

Congleton £100 –
Hosted a Saturday afternoon 3-way fixture – Money paid for food and beer
Stockport £200 – Hosted Friday night light and ran recruitment event(s) – Money paid for food and beer
Chester £350 – Hosted 2 Friday night lights evenings – Money paid for food and beer
Northwich £200 – Hosted a Friday night lights evening – Money paid for food and beer

To see how your club can get involved between now and the end of the season – contact your RDO without delay !

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