There will be no trials for Cheshire 15 group until the October half-term. The DPP will retain ownership of the three districts until the 15 group festival to be held at Carrington on Wednesday October 26th. The boys who are not in the DPP district teams will have an opportunity to play in this festival and compete for Sale and county places. Nomination forms for these boys will be sent out at the end of June and a trial will be held at Stockport GS on Wednesday October 19th. A squad will be chosen from this trial and they will play against the DPP district squads.

Boys for the Sale training group and the Cheshire A and B teams will be chosen at Carrington. Three training sessions will he held for the county sides and they will be held at St. Ambrose College and county matches will be played in December and January against Yorkshire, Lancashire and Staffordshire. The county season will be completed by the end of January.

Brian David.