There are times when a game has to be accepted for what it is. This was reflected in the Cheshire Presidents Paul Warrington’s comments in his post-match address. Without duplication, words here are sparse reflecting general Cestrian languor. Great individual performances were lost in unconsummated team responsibility. The performance review is complete and stays within the memory of those present in the changing room. Although it has been a difficult week in the build up to events at Wirral [ 3 front row concussions, Lock ;shoulder Injury, Flanker; broken nose, Centre torn hamstring ] affecting clubs, before County. High percentage of unplanned player change, albeit a diversion was no reason for game plan and set piece digression. Drilled opponents made easy gains. Fortunately no further injury occurred from a Tip-Tackle on a further young Cestrian. Some officiating decisions caused head scratching from both camps, none the less, three tries on each side in a lack lustre fixture adjusted only by conversions and penalties revealed the final score. This young Cheshire team did leave at least 12 points on the pitch, they as a group unreservedly have the determination and tenacity from within to put the deficit right. They have individual and collective character to re calibrate and focus upon the next challenge.


Thanks must be made to the Cheshire Clubs who released players, Wirral RUFC for hosting the fixture and the ever present supporters who travelled far and wide to support this event. A speedy recovery is wished to those injured [identified above].

As Eddie Jones recently said… “You need two things to win a game … you need talent and you need cohesion … and there is plenty of talent .. Work on cohesion… to make sure we keep improving “