PAul Warrington Mr Paul Warrington

Many Presidents have stated that they are extremely
honoured to have been elected President of the County .
To me it is the greatest honour of my life to be elected your
President .
As many Past Presidents have made it their mission during
their tenure to visit as many of the Counties Clubs , I will
endeavour to continue in the same vein . Having been in the
fortunate position to have visited many clubs in an official
capacity (referee) it will give me great pleasure to visit on a more informal basis , hoping to assist any Club that can utilise the Counties help and support .
I would like to offer my congratulations to the Clubs who were promoted from their leagues and to the winners of the County Cup , Plate , Vase and Bowl competitions .
Cheshire is well known and respected throughout the rugby community and long may it continue . I am just the figure head of extremely dedicated and hard working committees which all have the good name of Cheshire in their hearts . We will continue to develop our youth and younger age groups , it is these that will populate future sides at all levels . On behalf of the County , I would like to thank all the hundreds of volunteers , coaches , administrators and referees as well as the supporters who make the game of rugby so successful throughout the County .

I am looking forward to the coming season , renewing past friendships and meeting new members of all the Clubs that I visit . Here’s to a good season in 2015 / 16 and may Rugby be the winner .

Paul Warrington
Cheshire RFU