Coaches/Teachers please note that only players with significant potential should be nominated, just because a player is the best in your squad does not mean they have the potential to move to county level.  Please review your nomination with care and objectivity.  We can only take c30 through to the West squads and some good players will be disappointed.


All players must attend the assessment sessions with the correct form (see website) which has to be filled out.  No form means no insurance which means no assessment, this is not negotiable.


Owing to the high numbers involved, the ONLY channel of communication will be the website.  Emails to volunteers will not be responded to, as the process we undertake is standardlised throughout Cheshire.

Coaches, Teachers, Parents and Carers are reminded to keep an eye on the website for updates.  If games, assessment sessions, training or round robin events are postponed or details varied then the website is the ONLY form of communication.  If a player is unavailable, then they will be marked down as absent at the roll call at the start if each event. No calls, emails or texts will be needed.

How do I find out information for training sessions, cancellations etc?

This information is ONLY available on the Cheshire website It should be checked the day before and on the day of sessions to find out all up to date information.  Late changes do occur (usually weather/pitch related) so you need to check.