[slideshow id=19]Many thanks to John Pickering for the photos

‘Congratulations’ to the winners:

Plate – Southern Nomads (IOM)
(Oxton Parkonians 17; Southern Nomads 24)
Bowl – Bowdon
(Oswestry 27; Bowdon 32)
Vase Final – Altrincham Kersal
(Altrincham Kersal 17; New Brighton 13)

Alan Johnson, Chairman of the Competitions Committee commented

‘I have to pay credit to Winnington park for the heard work put in and the efficiency of their organisation on the day.

Everything went like clockwork in fine – but cool weather with very close games resulting in all 3 Competitions.

The attendance was very good and the whole day was very well supported by a large crowd right through to the end.

Congratulations to the winners on the day, who went home with their Trophies – but the real winners were the game of Rugby allied to the County and Winnington Park.

The thanks of the County have to be expressed to the workers of Winnington Park, the ball boys, and especially the teams of Referees who worked hard through the day.

It has to be said, that as usual, our visitors from over the water, Southern Nomads, really enjoyed themselves in great numbers – goodness knows when, and in what condition they get back home having left IOM at about 5.30 a.m., to arrive in good time at Burrows Hill.