As Cheshire Girls U15 & U18 Team Manager, I am extremely proud of how hard all the girls across the county have been training this year. We had a great uptake at County trials this season, and the competition was hard for both age groups. Those girls who were successful were fresh and focused. They worked, trained and played hard, and as Cheshire Manager I’m so proud of each and every one of the girls.

North of England Divisional trials left the coaches with some hard choices, and on 2nd February a total of 17 Cheshire Girls (4 at U18 and 13 at U15) traveled to Myerscough College in Preston with high hopes of successful divisional selection. Each and every one of them gave a good account of themselves and successfully promoted the talent levels in Cheshire County Girls Rugby.

I am extremely proud to say that 8 of those 17 girls were successfully selected to the North Divisional squads. They are as follows:

At U15:
Aisha Choudhry Manchester RFC
Bethany Cooper Northwich RUFC
Cerys Cosgrove Manchester RFC
Bronwen Jackson-Turner Manchester RFU
Alyssia King Northwich RUFC
Caitlin Knight Manchester RFC

At U18:
Amy Clarke Manchester RFC
Robyn McLaren Glossop RUFC

Well Done to all the girls and I hope they achieve their goals and dreams. You never know, one of them could be a future England International.