Kieran reciveing his signed
Kit bag from Lions skipper
Sam Warburton


Hi All

It has been a few weeks since I last updated you all on Kieran’s progress. This evening I’ve spoken to Kieran’s dad, who has asked me to pass on his thanks to you all for the messages your clubs/players/officials have been sending to Kieran to keep his spirits going. All this compassion/care that the rugby community has passed to Flynny has totally blown away his family over these last few months. Kieran’s dad later stated that the battle is now about to begin, as for those of you who may have missed Flynny’s last post, it is regrettable that Kieran has been diagnosed that he will be paralysed from the naval down wards. For a 20year old young man with his whole life ahead of him, this has come as a massive blow!

A few weeks ago I was able to go visit Kieran in Oswestry with bags of goodies- kit (Crewe, Cheshire, Sale), toiletries, books that we had collected over recent weeks, which put a massive smile on this young man’s face. Not that it couldn’t be any bigger because for someone so young with so much on his shoulders his spirits were high, and to be honest inspirational! It has it made me think to stand up and realise I can deal with my challenges going on in my life, which has been reciprocated by many others who have visited Flynny over the weeks.

What’s next? Well Kieran is planned for coming out of hospital at the beginning of December, which I’m sure is a great thought to know with Christmas being so close! As a club we have now set up a Trust Fund along with a group of trustee’s who will look after this Trust fund. Kieran has played a massive part in this to ensure the right people are trustee’s to help him going forward. As a club we now are starting to look at ways to support this, which we will communicate to you all in due course.

However, I must say, a massive thank you need’s to go out to clubs who have helped without asking and raising money for Kieran so far!!. Last week Macclesfield held a collection at their 1st XV home match, raised £1200; Chester at a resent pre-match lunch raised £420; A book was sent signed by players at Manchester wishing him well with their match fee’s inside; I know of a Club who want to turn their club over to Crewe & Nantwich for 1 night and raise money for Kieran; Kieran’s story has gone in match programmes. If I’ve missed anyone off I do apologise! All these monies will be placed into Kieran’s trust fund and if any other club would like to do the same it will be great fully appreciated!!

I have 2 requests from flynny that he has asked me to pass on:

1. He would like to start to collect Club Shirts from Any clubs….. His size is large/ Tight shirts XL. If you post to me at 21, Nevis Drive, Woolstanwood, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 8UH I will ensure that he will receive them.

2. Please please keep messaging him as it helps him to pass time when on his own!


– his tweeter account is Kieran R. Flynn @KieFlynn

On a personal note I thank you all for all you have done. It’s times like this you realise how special our game is, but most of all the rugby community!!!

Thank you

Jon Cockburn
Crewe & Nantwich Chairman